Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beware when buying a car DVR, misleading titles.

When you're looking for a car DVR or camera, the first instinct is to buy one that's cheap, well, you should beware of misleading titles and cheap crap from China.

Let's take for example:

This one says 1080p in the title, but it's not an HD or FullHD version, if you look through the description, it says 1280x480p... which means it's LOW RESOLUTION.  You might think that's ok, but in reality, let's say someone hits you and runs, you might not even be able to make out the license plate because of the low resolution.  Don't fall for these pieces of junk.

Make sure the resolution in the specs are at least 1920x1080, that is the only real 1080p FullHD.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Star Wars Has Been Destroyed

Lucasfilm and Disney have destroyed Luke and Star Wars... it is dead... 

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Logitech G400s, best gaming/overall mouse ever?

I know these things are usually pricey because this is the secret most gamers don't tell people.  The Logitech G400s is probably one of the best mice on the market.  It is not fancy, has no crazy LEDs, but the form factor and the fit in the hand is great.  It's a little larger than most mice and the top comes up more than the others, fitting your hand nicely.

You can now get it on EBAY for a great price, no longer will you have to ask the Fry's guy when it'll be in stock again.

Monday, August 22, 2016 and other Chinese software sellers sell e-mail to spamlists

This is a warning, if you buy from sites like and other chinese affiliate sites, they sell your e-mail address to spamlists.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Totally fake watches without any warning.

The following site sells fake watches without even a warning or notice that they're selling replicas:

Remember, if the price is too good to be true... it's too good to be true.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Comparison of micro 4/3 wide angle: 9mm versus 14mm

I know there are probably quite a few people who wonder just how much wider a 9mm lens is on micro 4/3rds compared to 14mm...  I wondered this for a while since I typically record high school marching bands and drumlines and the standard 14mm width was just not quite enough.

Besides 9mm the other option at micro 4/3 was to go with a fisheye which guarantees a 180 degree view, but the fisheye barrel distortion is not desirable sometimes.

My equipment consists of a Panasonic G7 with the standard 14-140mm kit lens.  With a 2x crop factor that basically made the lens a 28-280mm lens at 35mm.    At 14mm the angle of view is about 78 degrees, but at 9mm it's abot 100 degrees.  Knowing all these numbers and figures doesn't exactly translate into what you see so I took some pictures to compare below:

The following is the kit lens at it's widest 14mm:

And below is what the view looks like with a Olympus Zuiko 9mm:

Hopefully this will help people out who are looking for a wider angle without having to go for a fisheye lens.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crappy Chinese Ebay Sellers...

Sometimes I really despise the cheap Chinese vendors on ebay... they do things like list an item with X amount of inventory even though they don't have the item... here is one such example:

Despite you buying the item and them listing it shipped, when you ask them for a tracking number, they will claim it is not in stock, they're basically total liars.

This seller, TomTop is actually one of the largest Chinese sellers on the Internet, they sell everywhere including Newegg and Ebay and have multiple accounts.  They also have accounts under other names... you should avoid these liars when possible:

tomtop (or any other variation)

Avoiding buying anything from these liars will keep you a lot happier, just go in and read the negative reviews.  One way they like to respond to negative reviews when someone complains about them not shipping is they always claim to have shipped the item and maybe it got lost, total lies.