Thursday, September 3, 2015

Crappy Chinese Ebay Sellers...

Sometimes I really despise the cheap Chinese vendors on ebay... they do things like list an item with X amount of inventory even though they don't have the item... here is one such example:

Despite you buying the item and them listing it shipped, when you ask them for a tracking number, they will claim it is not in stock, they're basically total liars.

This seller, TomTop is actually one of the largest Chinese sellers on the Internet, they sell everywhere including Newegg and Ebay and have multiple accounts.  They also have accounts under other names... you should avoid these liars when possible:

tomtop (or any other variation)

Avoiding buying anything from these liars will keep you a lot happier, just go in and read the negative reviews.  One way they like to respond to negative reviews when someone complains about them not shipping is they always claim to have shipped the item and maybe it got lost, total lies.

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